Department of Education, Region VI - Western Visayas, Division of Capiz


Department of Education
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Schools Division of Capiz

School Governance and Operations Division

Dr. Marlon P. Destreza Dr. Marlon P. Destreza

Chief Education Supervisor
Office Contact Number: (036) 6210 974
Dr. Edna B. Azcarraga Dr. Edna B. Azcarraga
Education Program Supervisor
Immaculada J. Amores Immaculada J. Amores
Senior Education Program Specialist
Jerry V. Mosquite Jerry V. Mosquite
Education Program Specialist II
Nannette G. Calixterio Nannette G. Calixterio
Senior Education Program Specialist
Glenda Marie B. Botin Glenda Marie B. Botin
Project Development Officer II
Dr. Teresita A. Barrio Dr. Teresita A. Barrio
Senior Education Program Specialist
Mary Grace A. Atinon Mary Grace A. Atinon
Education Program Specialist
Kenneth D. Anoche Kenneth D. Anoche
Project Development Officer I
Youth Formation Coordinator
Zander Frofunga Zander Frofunga
Project Development Officer I
Youth Formation Coordinator

Physical Facilities Unit

Marlon V. ClaritoMarlon V. Clarito
Engineer III

Planning and Research Unit

Dr. Marggie A. ObligacionDr. Marggie A. Obligacion
Senior Education Program Specialist
Eduardo D. VillafuerteEduardo D. Villafuerte
Planning Officer III
Jamie Rose L. MagsilaJamie Rose L. Magsila
Administrative Aide I

Medical and Dental Unit

Dr. Juan D. BeloDr. Juan D. Belo
Medical Officer IV
Symon Moises Symon Moises
Dentist II
Lovelle LicantoLovelle L. Licanto
Dentist II
Marjo D. DumriqueMarjo D. Dumrique
Dentist II
Lourdelyn R. FuentesLourdelyn R. Fuentes
Dentist II
Celine Grace O. PenetranteCeline Grace O. Penetrante
Nurse II
Rechie V. BayhonRechie V. Bayhon
Nurse II
Nora F. HonradoNora F. Honrado
Nurse II
Susana O. DalisaySusana O. Dalisay
Nurse II
Sheralyn G. BaticadosSheralyn G. Baticados
Nurse II
Benito B. Aga-inBenito B. Aga-in
Nurse II
Rafael Blas A. BesaRafael Blas A. Besa
Admin Aide III
Romeo V. IsiderioRomeo V. Isiderio
Dental Aide II
Greg B. BataicanGreg B. Bataican
Dental Aide II