Department of Education, Region VI - Western Visayas, Division of Capiz
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Schools Division of Capiz

Vacant Teaching and Non-Teaching Positions

Please verify the vacant position, with the Division HRMO, prior to the submission of application. Listing is subject to change without notice.

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter.

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017);
  2. Performance rating in the present position for one (1) year (if applicable);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and
  4. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

CSC Bulletin of Vacant Positions

17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-420923-2014 11Candelaria NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-467635-1998 11Dao District
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-420871-2014 11Hipona NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-445399-1998 11Maayon NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-420798-2014 11Macario Bermejo NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-420897-2014 11Macario Bermejo NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-467099-1998 11Panitan
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-467457-1998 11Pres. Roxas District
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-467555-1998 11Sapian District
17-Jan-18Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-TCH1-467725-1998 11Tapaz West
17-Jan-18Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-TCH2-420238-2010 12Capiz NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-TCH2-420272-2014 12Maayon NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-TCH2-420062-2010 12Mambusao East District
17-Jan-18Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-TCH2-428315-1998 12Sigma District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-420532-2014 13Capiz NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-429850-1998 13Capiz NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-420060-2012 13Capiz NHS
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-428466-1998 13Ivisan District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-434607-1998 13Mambusao East District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-434621-1998 13Mambusao East District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-434621-1998 13Mambusao East District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-421902-2017 13Mambusao West District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-428526-1998 13Mambusao West District
17-Jan-18Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-TCH3-428580-1998 13Panay District
17-Jan-18Head Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-HTEACH1-420100-2016 14Division Office
17-Jan-18Head Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-HTEACH1-420103-2016 14Division Office
17-Jan-18Head Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-HTEACH2-420002-2015 15Ivisan NHS
17-Jan-18Head Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-HTEACH2-420150-1998 15Mambusao West District
17-Jan-18Head Teacher III OSEC-DECSB-HTEACH3-420007-2009 16Cabugcabug NHS
17-Jan-18Master Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR1-423930-1998 18Jagnaya NHS
17-Jan-18Master Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR1-420057-2009 18Maayon NHS
17-Jan-18Master Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR1-420014-2006 18Mambusao East District
17-Jan-18Master Teacher I OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR1-422293-1998 18Sapian District
17-Jan-18Master Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR2-421067-1998 19Maayon District
17-Jan-18Master Teacher II OSEC-DECSB-MTCHR2-421105-1998 19Pilar District
17-Jan-18School Principal II OSEC-DECSB-SP2-420429-2010 20Florentina F. Degala NHS