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DepEd, Schools Division of Capiz, Western Visayas

Planning, and Research Division

Below is the list of approved project proposals.

Dr. Marggie A. Obligacion
Senior Education Program Specialist

  • List of Approved Action Researches SY 2016-2017
    02/20/2018Less Involvement of Parents in Various School Activities at Ivisan ESLutgarda BolusoIvisan NHS02/20/2018Approved proposal
    02/02/2018Non-Compliance of at least 85% Monthly Attendance of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program 4 Ps Beneficiaries at Mambusao NHS for SY 2017-18Raydelyn LaquinaMambusao NHS02/05/2018Approved Proposal
    02/02/2018Poor Beginning Reading Skills of Gr.III Pupils in the District of Pontevedra SY 2017-2018Reynaldo Azcarraga, Ph.DDistrict of PontevedraApproved Proposal
    01/29/2018Less Involvement of Stakeholders at Fernadez ES for SY 2017-18Alan C. Dorado, Ph.DMaayon DistrictApproved Proposal
    01/29/2018Poor Reading Comprehension ofd Gr.VI Pupils of Casanayan ES Rosario VoluntariosoDist. Of Pilar02/02/2018Approved Proposal
    01/22/2018Frequent Unexcused Absences of Grades 1-VI Pupils at Tepacla ES for SY 2017-18Evangeline Dorado, Ph.D.Maayon District02/02/2018Approved proposal
    01/17/2018Low Numeracy Skills on the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics of Gr.VI Pupils in thje District of Pres.Roxas for SY 2017-18Eddie Arcenas01/22/2018With Approved Terminal Report
    01/17/2018Difficulties Met by Gr.V Pupils on the Rules of Subject-Verb AgreementLeah Eduque01/22/2018Approved Proposal
    01/04/2018Inability of Gr.III Pupils on Solving Problem in Mathematics at Hipona ES for SY 2017-18Mila AbalenaHipona ES02/02/2018Approved proposal
    01/03/2018Factors Affecting the Reading Ability of Gr.II Pupils in English & Filipino at Carlos V. Lopez ES SY 2017-18Daria MabaquiaoDist. Of Pilar01/05/2017Approved Proposal
    12/01/2017Low Learning Outcomes on the Concepts of Addition and Subtraction in Gr.1Mathematics at Ilawod E/S for SY 2017-2018Ana DuranaDistrict of Maayon12/01/2017
    11/27/2017Poor Comprehension Skills of Grade VI Pupils on the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics at Sapian E/SChristine BisnarApproved Proposal
    11/27/2017The Ill-Effects of Bullying Among Students at Panitan NHSBengie Desales; Leo GaliPanitan ES01/08/2017With approved terminal report
    11/22/2017Problems in the Uncreativeness of Pupils on Handicraft Making as Component in Industrial Arts Class at Ivisan E/S for SY 2017-2018Oscar AcuyongIvisan District12/04/2017
    11/10/2017Poor Performance in Arts of Gr. VI Pupils at Maluboglubog ESAnaly BermejoDistrict of Panitan11/16/2017Nov.2017-march 2018Approved Proposal
    11/06/2017Poor Numeracy Skills on the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics of Gr. IV Pupils at Cudian E/S for SY 2017-2018Mie TorrenuevaIvisan District11/06/2017With approved terminal report 11-27-2017
    11/04/2017Poor Numeracy Skills in the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics at Pres. Roxas east ES for SY 2017=2018Analiza AjestaDist. Of Pres. Roxas11/06/2017Approved proposal
    10/27/2017Poor Mastery of Gr.VI Pupils in the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics at Carlos v. Lopez ESEvelyn BermejoDist. Of Pilar01/22/2018Approved proposal
    10/23/2017Inadequate Technology & Livelihood Equipment at Maluboglubog ES for SY 2017-2018Dolorosa FranciscoPanitan Dist. 10/30/2017Approved Proposal
    10/19/2017Non-Mastery of the Four Fundamental Operations in Mathematics of Gr.V Pupils at Casanayan ES SY 2016-17Algen CarabuenaDist. Of Pilar11/06/2017Approved Proposal
    10/19/2017Non-Mastery of the Four Fundamentals in Mathematics of Gr. V Pupils at Casanayan ES for SY 2017-2018Algen CarabuenaDistrict of Pilar11/06/2017October 2017 onwardsApproved Proposal
    10/19/2017Difficulty in Dividing Whole Numbers Among Gr. IV Pupils at Tugs ES Glory May LipuraDist. Of Mambusao East11/04/2017Approved Proposal
    10/13/2017Low Numeracy Skills of Gr. IV Pupils Jocelyn LuchingDistrict of Sigma10/19/2017Oct. 2017-Feb. 2018With approved terminal report
    10/13/2017Poor Development (Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Language, Socio-Emotional, Self-Help /Adaptive and Cognitive) Skills of Kindergarten Pupils in the District of Mambusao East Narciso FalsarioDist. Of Mambusao East10/18/2017Approved Proposal
    10/13/2017Inefficiency and Ineffectiveness in the Preparation of School Form 138 of the Teacher Advisers in Sapian NHSTejee Allen DoroteoSapian NHS10/18/2017Approved terminal report
    09/26/2017Poor Academic Performance of Gr.V Pupils in Science at Lacaron ES for SY 2017-2018Danilo DasalDistrict of Dao11/04/2017Approved Proposal
    09/20/2017Predominance of Non-readers and Pupils on Frustration Level in the District of Mambusao EastNelida LaysaDist. of Mambusao East09/28/2017Oct. –Dec. 2017With approved terminal report
    09/20/2017Poor Reading Comprehension Skills of Grade Six Pupils at Carlos Lopez ES for SY 2017-2018Jennifer ContrerasDistrict of Pilar09/28/2017Approved Proposal
    08/31/2017Frequent Unexcused Absences of Grades I-VI Pupils at Tabon ESRonilo Berondo ,EdD4297809/13/2017With approved terminal report 12-01-17
    08/25/2017Poor Recognition and Comprehension level of Gr.IV-VI Pupils at Mambusao ES for SY 2017-2018Stephanie BarrioMambusao West District 09/14/2017With approved terminal report
    08/10/2017Habitual Tardiness of Gr. 9 Students in their First Period Class at Lonoy NHS for SY 2017-2018Lanie May BeringuelaLonoy NHS08/25/2017
    02/20/2017Poor Retention of Gr.5 Pupils in Recalling Science & Health Concepts/Ideas Taught Glenda DestrezaMaayon E/S03/06/2017Approved Terminal Reportl
    02/06/2017Prevalence of Severely Wasted and wasted Students at Panitan NHSElizabeth DayaloPanitan NHS02/16/2017Approved terminal report
    02/06/2017Prevalence of Severely Wasted Students of Panitan NHS for SY 2016-2017Elizabeth DayaloPanitan NHS02/16/2017 With approved terminal report
    01/30/2017Prevalence of Severely Wasted Students of san Nicolas NHS for SY 2016-2017Simplicia AndradeSan Nicolas NHS Tapaz02/16/2017With approved completed action research 12-1-2017
    01/30/2017Prevalence of Severely Wasted Students of san Nicolas NHS for SY 2016-2017Simplicia AndradeSan Nicolas Tapaz NHS02/16/2017Approved terminal report
    01/23/2017Truancy Among Gr.7 4Ps Beneficiaries at Pontevedra NHS for SY 2016-17Josephine Dador/ Monica CordenilloPontevedra NHS01/25/2017Approved Completed Action Research 4-18-17
    01/23/2017Truancy Among Gr.7 4Ps beneficiaries at Pontevedra NHS for SY 2016-2017Josephine DadorPontevedra NHS01/25/2017Sept. 2016-Jan.2017Approved terminal report
    01/04/2017Habitual Absenteeism Among Male Student in Humanities Class at Capiz NHS for SY 2016-2017Mario AguilosCapiz NHS01/25/2017Approved Proposal
    01/03/2017Poor Comprehension Skills in English Among Gr.6 Pupils at Victoria Cortes Dais MSMaureen FriasVSDMS01/03/2017Approved Completed Research 1-3-17
    12/27/2016Low learning Outcomes in reading Comprehension Skills of Gr. IV Pupils at Camp Jamindan E/S for SY 2016-17Sonia GarinoCamp jamindan E/S01/07/2017Approved Completed action research 1-7-17
    12/22/2016Low Mastery of Gr. 5 and 6 Pupils in the Fundamental Operations in Mathematics at Quiajo E/S fof SY 2016-17 Fred PenalosaQuiajo E/S03/08/2017 With Approved Completed Action research 3-8-17
    12/16/2016Low Learning Outcomes of Gr.10 Students in TLE Specializing in Electricity at Panita NHSBaltazar DaisPanitan NHS12/27/2016Approved Proposal
    12/01/2016Conceptual Difficulties of Gr. 11 STEM Students on Naming Compound in General Chemistry at Vicente Andaya Sr.,NHS for SY 2016-2017Melody CrespoVASNHS12/27/2016With Approved Completed Action Research 4-12-17
    11/29/2016MababangAntas ng Mag aaralnaMakabasasaIkatlongBaitang ng Purok ng Sapian Base sa Phil IRI Evelyn PanuncioSapian E/S12/12/2016Approved Proposal
    11/21/2016Conceptual Difficulties of Gr.11 STEM Students on naming Compounds in General Chemistry at VASNHS for SY 2016-2017 Melody CrespoVASNHS12/27/2017Approved terminal report
    11/14/2016Low Learning Outcomes of Gr.10 Students in TLE Specilizing in Electricity at Panitan NHS for SY 2016-2017 Baltazar Dais Jr. Panitan NHS12/27/2017Approved Proposal
    11/14/2016Less Awareness & Commitment of Stakeholders towards ALS Program in the Division of CapizJeepnie Jan BarridoDivision of Capiz01/04/2017Approved terminal report
    11/10/2016Less Involvement of Stakeholders at Tapaz NHS for SY 2016-2017Rowena GloriaTapaz NHS11/14/2016Approved Completed Action research
    11/10/2016Inefficient Waste Disposal and SegregationPractices of Students at Hipona NHS for SY 2016-2017Carl TumlosHipona NHS11/14/2016Approved terminal report
    11/10/2016Problem on Absenteeism of Grade 8 Students at Maayon NHS for SY 2016-2017Dirk DiestroMaayon NHS11/14/2016Approved terminal report
    11/08/2016MababangPagkatutosaWastonggamit ng mgaSalitasa Filipino ng mga Mag aaralsa Grade 11 ng VASNHSSusan QuistadioVASNHS11/14/2016Approved Completed Action Research 4-4-17l
    11/07/2016Minimizing Bullying Behavior Through Prevention and Instruction at Dulangan NHS for SY 2016-2017CalinBernales; Rowena HenorgaDulangan NHS11/10/2016Approved Terminal Report 7-4-17
    11/07/2016Truancy Among Grade 10 Night Class Students at Capiz NHS for SY 2016-2017Geraldine GajeCapiz NHS11/09/2016Approved terminal report
    11/04/2016Less Awareness and Commitment of stakeholders towards ALS Programs in the Division of CapizJeepniejan BarridoDivision of Capiz01/04/2017With approved terminal report
    10/28/2016Enhancement of Grade IV Pupils in Reading Comprehension in English at Intongcan Elem. School for SY 2016-2017Juvelyn BaraderoIntongcan E/S11/21/2016
    10/28/2016Prevalence of Slow Readers Among Grade IV Pupils at Hipona Elem.School for SY 2016-17Maria Carol AbenirHipona E/S11/16/2016
    10/28/2016in Dividing Whole Numbers Among Grade IV Pupils at Intongcan Elem. School for SY 2016-2017Cheryl BanayloIntongcan E/S11/09/2016
    10/16/2016Computer games Addiction Among Male Students of San Nicolas NHS for SY 2016-107Eulalia FarillonSan Nicolas NHS10/20/2016Approved Completed Action Research 3-27-17l
    10/07/2016Ineffective Solid Waste Management at Estafania Montemayor NHS for SY 2016-2017Mira Sol JamogEstafaniaMontemayor NHS 10/11/2016Approved Completed Action Research 4-18-17
    10/05/2016Improper Sanitation and Hygiene of Students at Tapaz NHSygieneSylvia GuyodTapaz NHS10/11/2016
    10/01/2016Perspectives of School-Level Stakeholders on What Constitute a Happy School: An AnalysisMarggie A. Obligacion, Ph.DCapiz Division10/01/2016Approved
    09/29/2016Deficiency in Identifying the Parts of the Animal and Plant Cells in Science of Gr.7 Students at Sapian NHS for SY 2016-2017Charloun Quintin S. AguilarSapian NHS10/12/2016Approved Proposal
    09/29/2016Difficulty in the Application of the Dance Elements (BSTER) Body, Space, Time, Energy and Relationships in Relation to Dance Composition of the SPA Dance Arts Pupils at Sigma Elem. School for SY 2016-2017Symour CastillonSigma E/S10/12/2016Approved terminal report
    09/21/2016Poor Listening Comprehension Skills of Grade 8 Students at VASNHS for SY 2016-2017EmelitoMarcelinoVASNHS11/09/2016Approved terminal report
    09/19/2016Problem on Common Mispelled Words in English for Acadmic and professional Purposes of Gr.11 ABM Students at VASNHS for SY 2016-17Marynille Joy Dela CruzVASNHS09/27/2016Approved Action Research proposal & Completed Action Research 3-6-17
    09/16/2016Low Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Problem Solving Skills of Gr.11 Senior High Sch Students at Sapian NHS for SY 2016-2017 Josie delos SantosSapian NHS10/11/2016Approved Proposal
    09/11/2016Problem on Common Mispelled Words in English for Academic and Professional Purposes of Gr. 11 ABM Students of VASNHS for SY 2016-2017Marynille Joy Dela CruzVASNHS 09/27/2018Approved terminal report
    09/01/2016Poor Learning Outcomes on Learning Ability of Incoming Gr. & Students at Panitan NHS for SY 2016-2017Leonor DesalesPanitan NHS10/11/2016Approved Proposal
    08/16/2016Low Mastery Level in the Changes of Matter as Learning Outcome of Gr. V Pupils at Panitan E/S for SY 2016-2017Arbin NoblezaPanitan E/S09/19/2016Approved Proposal& Completed Action Research 11-14-16
  • List of Approved Action Researches SY 2015-2016
    11/10/2016Inefficient Waste Disposal and Segregation Practices of Students at Hipona NHS for SY 2016-2017Carl TumlosHipona NHS11/14/2016Nov-Dec. 2016With approved terminal report
    11/10/2016Problem on Absenteeism of Gr. 8 Students at maayon NHS for SY 2016-2017Dirk DiestroMaayon NHS11/14/2016Nov. 2016-Jan. 2017With terminal report
    10/28/2016Deficiency in Dividing Whole Numbers Among Gr. IV Pupils of Intongcan ES for SY 2016-2017Cheryl BanayloIntongcan ES11/09/2016Nov.2016-Jan. 2017
    03/04/2016The Public Elementary & Secondary School Heads and The Importance of Utilizing Action Research in the Division of Capiz: An AnalysisMarggie A. Obligacion, Ph.D.Division of Capiz03/08/2016Whole year roundWith terminal report
    02/22/2016Poor Oral Reading Skills of Gr.10 Students in Jagnaya NHS SY2016-17Gretchel MontorioJagnaya NHS06/21/2016With approved terminal report 9-21-16
    01/28/2016Poor Phonological Skills of Gr. 9 Students of Mambusao NHS for SY 2015-2016Marynille Joy Dela CruzMambusao NHS02/01/2016February - March 2016With approved completed action research
    01/25/2016Truancy Among Grades 7- to 10 Students at Panitan NHS SY 2015-2016Crezaida MarcelinoPanitan NHS01/22/2016January - February 2016
    01/18/2016Poor Academic Performance of Gr. 7 Students in Science at Maayon NHSJona ConcepcionMaayon NHS01/26/2016January - March 2016With approved terminal report
    01/10/2016Less Involvement of stakeholders at tapaz NHS for 2016-2017Rowena GloriaTapaz NHS11/14/2016With completed action research 11/17
    01/07/2016Poor Development Skills Psychomotor, Socio-Emotional and Cognitive of Kindergarten Pupils in the Division of CapizHeidelyn Gerominano, Ed.D.Division of Capiz02/01/2016January - March 2016With terminal report
    01/05/2016Incompetence of Gr.VI Pupils in Recognizing Science Laboratory Apparatuses at Dapdapan ES for SY 2015-2016 Sonia OdruniaDapadapan E/S01/24/2016January - February 2016With approved completed action research
    12/28/2015Non-mastery of Gr. V Pupils on the Four fundamental Operations in Mathematics at Dapdapan ES for SY 2015-2016Glenda Apa-apDapdapan E/S01/27/2016January - March 2016With approved completed action research
    12/21/2015Low Numeracy Level of Grade V Pupils on Dividing 2-3 Digit Divisor – related Competency in Mathematics at Maluboglubog E/SSheree DanganMaluboglubog E/S12/29/2015December – January 2016
    12/21/2015Irregular Attendance of Gr. VII Students at Maayon NHSJessie EspinosaMaayon NHS12/21/2015January – February 2016With approved terminal report
    12/21/2015Poor Performance of Grade 7 Students in Processing Skills in Science at FlorentinaDegala NHS for SY 2015-2016Dyesebel AlmonqueraFlorentinaDegala NHS12/29/2015January – March 2016
    12/20/2015Poor Attendance of Pupils During Fishing Season at Agojo E/S for SY 2015-2016Quinto Tagoc, Jr.. Ed.DAgojo E/S12/28/2015December – FebruaryWith approved terminal report
    12/17/2015Habitual Absenteeism of Grade 8 Section 3 Students of Florentina S. Degala NHS SY 2015-2016Ferdinand BanezFlorentina S. Degala NHS12/23/2015January - February 2016
    11/24/2015High Absenteeism rate of Grade 8 –Pallas Students of Capiz NHS For SY 2015-2016Merlina AguirreCapiz NHS12/28/2015November – January 2016
    11/23/2015Low Academic Performance in Math of Grade 9 Students at CLRANHS for SY 2015-2016Angie LatiCLRANHS12/10/2015January 2016With approved completed action research
    11/20/2015Difficulty of Gr. III Pupils in Reading English Tuburan E/S @ Tuburan E/S for SY 2015-2016Evangeline Dorado, Ph.D.Tuburan E/S11/20/2015October - December
    11/16/2015Low mastery Level of Gr. 10 Students in East Villaflores NHS In Science &Teachnology at East Villaflores NHS SY 2015-2016Lenerico Barredo, Ed.D. East Villaflores NHS11/27/2015November – January 2016With approved completed action research
    11/16/2015Habitual Absenteeism Among Grade 10 Students in Sapian NHS SY 2015-2016Susan Abunas/Herma AldeaSapian NHS12/16/2015December – January 2016With approved completed action research
    11/11/2015Rampant Absenteeism among Grades 7-10 of Jagnaya NHS for SY 2015-2016Enrique BarinosJagnaya NHS11/11/2015October - MarchWith approved completed action research
    11/10/2015Combatting Permissiveness in Sex of in School: Youth Dev’t program for StudentsFatima EscutonSan Nicolas NHS11/10/2015October 2015With approved completed action research
    11/10/2015Incompetence in Computation Skills in Mathematics of Grade 9 Students at Florentina B. Degala NHS SY 2015-2016Maricar FernandezFlorentina Degala NHS12/15/2015August – January 2016
    10/23/2015Necessity of Authentic Folkdance to Depict the Culture of the People of MambusaoRezalyn LucesDavid Moises NHS11/06/2015November - DecemberWith approved terminal report
    10/23/2015Low Academic Performance of Gr. 8 PamilyaPantawid Pilipino Program 4P’s Beneficiaries at Capiz NHS for Sy 2015-2016Relyn BericoCapiz NHS11/06/2015November - March
    10/23/2015Academic Incompetence of Gr. 9 4P’s Beneficiaries of Capiz NHS for SY 2015-2016Leda VitoCapiz NHS11/06/2015November - March
    10/19/2015Rampant Absenteeism of Gr. I Pupils @ Codingle E/SThelma PenolDumarao District10/23/2015October - NovemberWith approved completed action research
    10/19/2015Low Academic Performance of Gr. V @ Codingle E/S for SY 2015-2016Mary Jean AliperioDumarao District10/23/2015October - NovemberWith approved completed action research
    10/12/2015Underprepared Conceptualized & Localized Teaching & Learning Materials in English in the Division of CapizConcepcion Dela CruzCapiz Division10/21/2015Whole year roundWith terminal report
    10/12/2015Poor Nutritional Status of Students @ Hipona NHS for SY 2015-2016Charlie BegasHipona NHS10/21/2015October – NovemberWith approved completed action research
    10/01/2015Low Grammar Proficiency level of Gr. 7 Students at Maayon NHSEdwin Jose DuenasMaayon E/S10/21/2015October - January
    09/30/2015Poor Mathematical Ability of Gr. 10 Students at Students @ Lonoy NHSAnaly AndalicioLonoy NHS10/21/2015October - November
    09/21/2015Prevalence of Non-Reader in Grades 4 & 5 Pupils at Cabangahan E/SJose Rommel AlmongeraCabangahan E/S10/21/2015August - OctoberWith approved completed action research
    09/18/2015Low Performance of Gr. III Pupils in Science at the District of Tapaz at the district of TapazMa. Theresa Villagracia, Ed.D., West10/12/2015September - JanuaryWith approved completed action research
    09/17/2015Frequent Tardiness of Gr. 9 Students in their First Period Classes at Lonoy NHSLanie May BeringuelaLonoy NHS10/16/2015October - November
    09/17/2015Poor Reading Skills of Gr. 3 Pupils in English of Bilao E/SNilda PanielBilao E/S10/16/2015October 2015With approved completed action research
    09/14/2015Word Recognition Disabilities of Gr. 7 Students at CLARANHSStephanie Bocala- CantoCLARANHS10/21/2015September - OctoberWith approved completed action research
    09/01/2015Incompetence of Gr. 7 Students in Performing Integers at Capiz NHSJonathan BorbonCapiz NHS10/21/2015October – DecemberWith approved terminal report
    08/27/2015Poor Reading Comprehension in English of Grades IV to VI Pupils at Calapawan E/SQuinto Tagoc, Ed.D.Calapawan E/S09/08/2015 August - OctoberWith approved completed action research
    08/27/2015Poor Comprehension Skills in English Among Gr. 6 Pupils @ Doña Victoria Cortes Dais Memorial SchoolMaureen FriasDVCD School10/13/2015October - DecemberWith approved terminal report
    08/20/2015Habitual Absenteeism Among Grade 7 Students at Maayon NHSElvie KilaykoMaayon NHS09/04/2015August – October
    08/19/2015Poor Attendance of Pupils in the Afternoon at Maninang E/SMarlon LozadaManinang E/S08/24/2015August – OctoberWith approved completed action research
    08/19/2015Low Academic Performance of Grade 7 Students in Science at Leodegario Deocampo NHS Analy LozadaLeodegario D. Deocampo NHS09/14/2015September – OctoberWith approved completed action research
    08/17/2015Poor Academic Performance of Gr. 7 Students in AralingPanlipunan @ Maayon NHSWilnaLecsioMaayon NHS08/25/2015August – November
    08/17/2015Poor Mastery Level of Gr. 4 Pupils on Number and Fraction Related Competencies in MatheticsMaricel BesanaPanitan E/S09/09/2015August – October 9With approved completed action research
    08/17/2015Antas ng pag-unawasaIka-animnaBaitangsa Filipino ng Dayhagon E/SMariconBolanoDayhagon E/S09/09/2015August – March
    07/27/2015Poor reading Comprehension Skills in English Grade – 8 SOF Students @ Capiz NHSKristine GutoCapiz NHS08/10/2015July – 2nd week of Oct.
    07/27/2015MababangAntas ng Asignaturang Filipino saTaunang PHIL-IRIMerlie Rubio, Ed.D.Capiz Division10/18/2015Whole YearWith terminal report
    07/23/2015Poor Retention Ability of Gr. 7 AP Students @ Capiz NHSJiji AbadianoCapiz NHS08/04/2015August – SeptemberWith approved completed action research
  • List of Income Generating Project (IGP) SY 2017-2018
    Name of ProponentTitleDate ApprovedRemarks
    Joan Laguardia8-25-17My Piso sa PasoApproved Proposal
    Ana Durana, Ilawod ES12-13-17Ornamental Plants for Instructional Support Material in the ClassroomApproved Proposal
    Dolorosa Francisco1-18-18Flowers for a Cause: An Enterprenueral EndeavorWith Approved Terminal Report
    Evangeline Dorado, Ph.D.2-21-18Propagation and Selling of Ornamental PlantsApproved Proposal
  • List of Approved Project Proposal for Innovation in School
    Date Title Proponent Date Approved Remarks
    02-19-18"Project E-BLTTF" Electronic-Based Learning Resources & References FacilityLeorico G. Fundal, Principal III2-13-18Approved Proposal
    02-19-18Online Document Tracking System To Enhance Communication in the Division of CapizCherry V. Aminoso, ADAS II2-13-18Approved Proposal
    02-13-18Computer based Instruction: Intervention for Slow Readers at San Miguel Ilawod ESLeah Palomar, Principal I2-13-18Approved Proposal
    02-13-18Television Based Instruction To Improve the Numeracy Skills of selected Pupils at Leopoldo Gialogo MSYvonne F. Ganit, Principal I1-31-18Approved Proposal
    01-22-18Solar Light Panel For Less ConsumptionRosienne C. Cebal, Ph.D, Principal II1-31-18Approved Proposal
    11-22-17Innovative Waste Management Nurture Creative Learning To Foster Learners Holistic AdvancementRoberto O. Naelgas, MT I12/01/2017Vermicomposting
  • List of Research For Basic Education Research Funding (BERF) CY 2017-2018
    Name of Proponent/s Research Title
    Genevieve Aponte, Pontevedra NHSDesigning & Evaluating the Usability of a Research handbook to senior High school Students’ Research Performance & Outputs at Pontevedra National High School
    Geraldine Gaje;
    Ma. Kristine Caldeo, Capiz NHS
    Perception of Working Students & Teachers Towards the Adoption of Night Class Curriculum in the Senior High School in All Secondary Schools in the Division of Capiz
    Emmanuel Espanola, Ed.D., Hipona NHSPerception on the Level of Implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program of Secondary school DRRM Focal Persons in the Division of Capiz
    Marynille Joy Dela Cruz, Vicente Andaya Sr. NHS Factors Affecting the Hiring of Senior High School Teachers in the Division of Capiz: An Analysis
    Lord Jane Dordas, Wright ES;
    Marggie A. Obligacion, Ph.D., Division of Capiz
    Integration of Panay Bukidnon Literature in Contextualization & Indigenization as a Teaching-Learning Strategies in Philippine History & Culture in the Division of Capiz
    Randy Gigawin; Mahalia Paz Ho, Capiz NHSLanguage Learning Strategies of senior High school Students in the Division of Capiz: A Basis for proposed INSET for Teachers Using English as medium of Instruction
    Elena Ajonia, Marciano Patricio NHSFactors Affecting the Teaching Performance of Secondary School Teachers of the District of Pilar: An Analysis
    Ma. Suzette Posadas, Jose Diva Avelino Jr. NHSKnowledge and Skills on Phonemic Awareness of secondary Language Teachers: Basis for an Enhanced Language Literacy Instructio
    Theresa Villagracia, EdD., Division of CapizMother-Tongue Based (MTB) Instruction: Its Impact on on the Conceptualization of Elementary Pupils at Mambusao East District
    Narciso Degala; Claire Bibit;
    Evita Rose Busil
    Multi-Dimensional Attitude of Teachers on Inclusive education as Perceived by Internal & external Stakeholders in the District of Pontevedra (Funded by: BERF – Php 150,000)
    Arniel Somil, Vicente Andaya Sr. NHSPersonal Entreprenuerial Competencies of Senior HS Students Under the TVL Track in the Second Congressional District of Capiz : Input Towards Classroom Instruction (Funded by BERF : 150,000.00)